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[postlink][/postlink][starttext]Almost all body builders spend a lot of time working on their chest, and it's perfectly understandable. Some bodybuilders, however, does not know that it is also important to work on the upper back or upper back workouts, to promote overall strength and solid performance. Strong lats and lats, rear extension and are indeed essential to preventing back injuries, joint injuries and poor posture.

Before I tell you all the best exercises to include in your lats training, we do one thing clear: Expand your lats will not be easy. This is a group of muscles difficult to grow, you know exactly what you need to do. Despite the difficulties, but the exercises lats are still a popular part of the intensive training, because the appearance of the rear of the difference between a bodybuilder and a beginner can master fate. A well-developed lats you the V-shape, creating the illusion of a larger chest and more powerful. Here are the best exercises, which include a lat workout really works.

1. Line weights
Earlier this year are facing a large mirror with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Lean forward until your upper body is kept at an angle of 45 degrees. Make sure you keep your back straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand parallel to the mirror. Make sure your shoulders and hands are perfectly aligned with the ground. Slowly raise the dumbbells until they touch the chest. As you lift the weight you lift the shoulder blades, and while keeping your back straight. Remember, keep your arms relaxed and elbows during the movement. Breathe to the starting position and exhale when you lift.

2. The dumbbell deadlift
Take the same position as in the series and keep your eyes on your image in a mirror. This time, lift the weights slowly by the arm on the side. This exercise is ideal for the development of a strong and flared lats together. It is also effective in adding the width of your entire back. As for exercise, inhale and exhale in the first starting position on the lift.

3. Dumbbell pullovers
For this exercise, you need to lie down, place the face on a bench with a dumbbell in your hands. Maintain the mass in a vertical position, then slowly lower it behind your head, keep your arms slightly bent. Once you feel a stretch, pull the bar just above his head and repeat the movement for 10-15 repetitions. This exercise is not only perfect return to thicken, but also to work your heart and your abdominal muscles.

Now you know the basic exercises to train properly, you should lat integrate them into your routine for at least 6 weeks, then learn the latest techniques. These exercises provide great momentum to stabilize and offer significant advantages. So what more are you waiting for? Start including these exercises in your training now and you can certainly expect a strong back and a more powerful. [endtext]

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